I Miss Essays

Before you call me crazy, let me explain. I don’t miss the madness of university assignments. They pretty much killed me. By the end of my degree course, I never wanted to see another assignment brief again in my life – how strange that I kind of miss them now.

I suppose the first and biggest thing I miss about doing essays, is probably also the thing I hated the most back in university. Deadlines. I’ve always worked better under pressure. I’m not entirely sure why. Unfortunately, it created a mindset that caused more than a few tears. I now have the tendency to leave everything to the last minute (this blog included).

The deadlines I had a university were different to the deadlines I give myself – again I know this is a mindset issue but to me, my deadlines are flexible. I am very good at justifying why I’ve pushed a deadline back. My friends have tried to help me out with this by giving me little writing briefs with due dates and it worked for a total of one whole month… I think. I need the pressure to keep me motivated. If I didn’t meet the deadlines at university it would mean mark deductions and I couldn’t deal with that. At this point in my life, it’s just me I’m writing for. This blog is my only project with a deadline and I have been stupid enough to just set that as Sunday evening. Hopefully, I will decide on a specific time one of these days.

Secondly, I am horrifically indecisive. Having someone else pick a topic made my life so much easier. It also meant I ended up writing about things I probably would never have thought of, and with the guarantee of someone reading it – even if they were more likely to rip it to shreds. The feedback from tutors was always appreciated though, even when I didn’t like it. It made me a better writer. Feedback and criticism can be absolutely invaluable and it’s one of the things I really miss. Especially since this feedback came from people who were not friends or family; they had no reason to be nice to me.

I am a self-confessed procrastinator. I am also rather lazy. Which means, if I can, I’ll do as little work as possible for things I have don’t have any passion for. Research, even for projects I have my heart set on can be dull and frustrating. Doing it for an essay was not only necessary, but it meant I learnt something new each time. When I was done, and I’d submitted it, there would be a sense of accomplishment. I’d also never have to look at the dreadful thing again.

It was starting a blog that reminded me of the things I liked about essays. I can get enough of the things I liked about my university assignments from doing this. All I need now is the honest feedback. Yes, that was a not so subtle hint at leaving a comment. Maybe one day I will branch out and do some more assignment type posts. Perhaps I’ll explore a text or something in depth. I don’t know – we shall see what the future holds. If you have any suggestions, do leave them below. If all goes to plan, there will be more next week!


5 thoughts on “I Miss Essays

  1. I’ve never really thought about this before! But after reading this post I definitely get the same feeling. I really lack the motivation and determination to write blog posts, but I always handed in my essays on time and to a fairly high standard. I think college really helped me keep in the habit of writing because I took Creative Writing and English Lit/Lang at A-Level.
    Since finishing college I’ve barely written a thing, and it makes me really sad that I can’t motivate myself very well!

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