New Books Make Me Nervous

Or why I always fall back into fanfiction.

Hello! I’m sorry that my plan for the review didn’t work out again this week, but this is kind of a reason why. The prospect of reading a new book can make me very nervous. I know this probably sounds very weird, but I think that I’ve worked out the reasons why, or at least a few of them anyway.

My main issue is books from authors I haven’t read before. Even the reviews can’t always quiet the worry I have for starting something new. I doubt them too much. The writing is unknown to me so there is no guarantee that I’ll like it. I’m not a person who buys a book without reading some of it, but it doesn’t mean that I won’t get frustrated with the narrative voice part way through. This has actually happened a couple of times.

Another issue I have is that sometimes the book doesn’t live up to the expectation. A synopsis or a blurb can be great to bring a reader in, but if the book doesn’t live up to that then it can be so, so disappointing. Then, when that happens it feels like I’ve wasted my time on that book, and I never want that to be the case.

Now, I find myself wanting to reread books that I already know that I will enjoy. Or worlds that I know I like. That’s one of the things that makes fanfiction appealing. When done well, it’s continuation of stories that I always felt were too short. But then again, fanfiction can be a slippery slope. You can get caught up in getting narratives being too much how you want and idealistic when books aren’t usually like that.

Hopefully, I can eventually get through the towering pile of new books I somehow keep accumulating – honestly, I don’t know where they’re coming from.



One thought on “New Books Make Me Nervous

  1. I know what you mean. It’s like taking a massive risk but so rewarding if you like them and frustrating if they’ve only written one book!


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